JULY 22 - SEPTEMBER 2, 2022

Tiger Strikes Asteroid Greenville



YARDWORK 2022 is an alternative outdoor yard art exhibition featuring local and regional artists from the South, hosted in the Hampton Pinckney area of Greenville, SC.

Through art installations big and small, works can be seen on porches, lawns, walkways and exterior walls: iconography of the neighborhood. Starting as a response to initial pandemic quarantine measures in 2020, YARDWORK acts as a point of community engagement through social responsibility.

YARDWORK 2022 is themed around gather, with invited artists exploring the nuances of how society comes together today in light of the shifts we’ve experienced over the past two years. Some of the work on display asks viewers to consider public and private spaces as avenues to meet. Other works reframe green space as a canvas for playful accumulations. These site-specific interventions effuse art throughout Hampton Pinckney, integrating creative works into everyday spaces in accessible and often unexpected ways.

Neighborhood residents and business owners are not just hosts - some serve as collaborators with artists in creating site-specific art installations across multiple mediums. With over 13 locations, the exhibition is hosted on a range of homes and businesses that represent a breadth of histories significant to the neighborhood.